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How much does an eye exam or contact lens exam cost? The offer cannot be combined with any other discount, coupon or insurance plan. Even if you choose .
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For specific costs, please contact the store near you. We do accept walk-ins for eye exams and contact lens exams. However, it's always best to schedule an appointment to ensure timely service. Please click here to find a location near you and schedule your appointment today. Customers can use an existing prescription at Eyeglass World to purchase eyeglasses or contact lenses. If you don't have a current, valid prescription or if you think your vision might have changed, you can schedule an eye exam with one of our experienced and friendly Doctors of Optometry.

For many prescriptions, you can get your eyeglasses on the same day. Please note that some prescription and specialty lenses may require more time and will be sent to one our centralized labs. Merchandise accompanied by a receipt may be returned within 30 days. If your prescription changes within 60 days of your eye exam, we will replace your eyeglass lenses with the same style at no additional cost. Every Eyeglass World has an in-store lab featuring the latest lens crafting technology. While some specialty lenses may take longer, most orders are ready the same day.

The Eyeglass World Product Protection Plan provides protection for your eyeglass frames and eyeglass lenses for one year, for a low additional charge. If your frames or lenses break, bend, or fail because of normal wear and tear, or are accidentally damaged during the year covered by the Product Protection Plan, bring them to your local Eyeglass World store so we can replace them.

This plan does not cover lost frames or lenses, or scratched lenses. You'll find more than 2, eyeglass frames to choose from in Eyeglass World stores! In order to increase the durability of your eyeglasses, you have the option of a solid or gradient tint, scratch resistant coating, polarized lenses , UV-block coating, and Clearview Non-glare Coating. Most eyeglass coatings and lens tinting are available on most lens types.

Our friendly and experienced opticians can help you choose the best lens and options for your vision, budget and style. Polycarbonate lenses are always free for children 13 and under, which offer better protection against breakage. Make a contact lens exam appointment online or call to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced and friendly Doctors of Optometry. Following your exam, an Eyeglass World associate will help new contact lens wearers through a training session using your new trial diagnostic lenses. Customers must return to the store for a contact lens evaluation to receive their finalized prescription after wearing their trial diagnostic pair for about a week.

Shop for contact lenses online and have your contact lenses delivered to your door! For a contact lens eye exam or to purchase contacts in person, find a store. For additional questions about ordering contact lenses, please click here. If you don't see an answer to your question above, please email us , or write to us at:.

FAQ - General. Eyeglass World 2 Pair Deals How are your prices so much lower than other retailers? Does Eyeglass World have special deals on bifocals or multifocals? They advertise same day service which is a lie. Every time I have gone there and friends and family have gone there and request same day eyeglass they say it's not going to be possible. I asked advised them that every time someone request same day they always have an excuse. They make you wait days the least for your glasses. They do false advisement.

Very annoying Also the staff they have now are just plain RUDE. Granted their eyeglasses are affordable. That's the only reason people keep going there. But service is terrible! When I finally received my glasses, they are wrong, I cannot see, I feel like I am looking through someone else's eyes. I took them back and they bent them so now they will not stay on, I bought the top of the line. I will go to social media to spread the word so people do not experience what I did.

I called the number and was asked to leave a message and have not heard back from anyone!!! This was Eyeglass World second chance to see me glasses. The first experience was not that good; the associate seemed under educated and was somewhat apathetic to me as a customer.

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The only reason I stayed because the frames I wanted are hard to find and the price was reasonable for the lenses. My one pair lasted about a year and a half and the temples fell off, but my other pair has been good. I will be picking up my glasses this week and see how they work. I know you have to take a hit for some things if you get a lower price.

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It was received in store less than 10 days after order. I went into Eyeglass World Address: To get my daughter 13 glasses. They said buy one get second pair free. On their website it says kids 13 under get free polycarbonate lenses. We didn't need the eye exam. And they keep trying to sell me stuff that I didn't want. So I'm going somewhere else to get her glasses. Eyeglass World looks like a scam.

Try somewhere else to get glasses.

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  • Be very careful when you go into Eyeglassworld thinking that what you thought you saw advertised. All the other competitors who have these get two pairs for a low price include the eye exam. Eyeglassworld does not. You think you're getting a killer deal, but in fact, you are being taken for a fool. Now, I will admit, nowhere do they say 'eye exam included'. It's one of those things that in the industry is just taken for granted. Not so here. They get you in there, lured with the great price which everywhere else would include the eye exam , you do your exam, you pick out your glasses Why would anyone in their right mind go to Eyeglassworld--when there's an America's Best Glasses just down the street!

    Trust me--You do not want to get ripped off right? Ok, steer away from Eyeglassworld then. Go to America's Best. Just my luck. Their "same day service" is a joke. I am literally blind as a bat without some sort of eye seeing lens. I lose it anxiety up the bottom so she said she would give me trial free contacts.

    Later found out what I thought my bill was - supposed to be a little under ended up being !! And no receipt. The trial free contracts gave me a reaction then causing pink eye. What a freaking mess. After picking the cheap frames I was told that my prescription was not going to fit these frames, no logical reason was given. In two weeks I went in to pick up my glasses. He told me to take them home and put them on with fresh eyes in the morning and I did. The next morning I took them back and they checked the prescription it was put in the computer wrong.

    They sent them back to the lab to be corrected another two weeks.

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    I came back to pick them up to find they did not roll and polish the edges. Back to the lab another two weeks. I picked them up and after about 6 months returned them to be replaced under the protection plan for bad scratches, you guessed it--another two weeks. After removing and replacing the lenses so many times the finish was scratch off. Too frustrated to wait and see the manager I left not wanting to talk to them anymore. Three weeks ago the finish on the earpieces started to fade off and continued to get worse every day.

    I told her "I have been wearing glasses for over 55 years and had never seen anything like it. What is the difference the way they make them now? I don't make frames. She said she would call the main office but they are going to say the same thing. The store is in Spokane WA. I live 30 miles away so 5 60 mile round trips. Not progressive lenses or anything fancy. Just reading glasses. I am shopping around for a better place. I had been here 2 years before. They charged me a large amount for the exam 2 years ago even though I had insurance that was supposed to cover most of it.

    The prescription was not great but that happens.

    Here's how to keep your vision — and your budget — in focus

    They assured me it would take business days. After business days I called them and they said it could take business days. After not hearing from them after 3 weeks, they now say that the optometrist never wrote down his exam and never ordered anything, which they didn't tell me the first time I called. They are also saying that they cannot guarantee that they will give me the prescription, leaving me out in the cold with nothing for this exam despite the money I paid, with no prescription and no contact lenses.

    This is 3 different problems from 2 encounters with this establishment over 2 years. Apparent overcharging on the first visit. Now performing an exam, not ordering trial contact lens, and not giving me my prescription, despite me having paid for it. Essentially, I paid something for nothing, as if I never even had an exam. I see multiple other complaints about this business on this site. Can't something be done? This is the worst place I have ever dealt with in ordering eyeglasses! First the optician broke my frame then when they gave me a new frame he scratched my lenses.

    They ordered new lenses and when those were put in, they scratched my lenses again! So now after the 3rd time of them ordering lenses, they ordered the wrong lenses and they were also scratched as well. So I told them to give me money back! I been wearing glasses all my life and I have never dealt with a place like this before! I needed to replicate my current eyeglasses single vision for distance only made in another state, for which I also have the original written prescription.

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    I also had an identical frame already purchased in the past. They told me that my glasses were made of either plastic or polycarbonate and I ordered the polycarbonate lenses, for which I had to pay extra because my employer insurance UnitedHealthcare does not cover polycarbonate. When I picked up the glasses, I could see well, but the temples could not be closed because the lenses were really thick near the sides. I showed that my glasses could close well and were not cut so thick on the sides.

    The technician told me that I probably did not have polycarbonate lenses, but instead high-index which he was unable to recognize in the first appointment. He said that my frame could not have polycarbonate lenses. He said he had to make my glasses again with high-index lenses. I agreed to do it, but I said I would come back in a week after I received my paycheck. When I returned, the manager of Eyeglass World, called Daniel, said he could not accept my prescription because it was too old.

    He said he could replicate my glasses. His technician checked my lenses and reported that they were completely different from the prescription, which I know is not true as I had several pairs of glasses made with this prescription in the past. I left, convinced that the technician and the manager were completely incompetent at Waterford Lakes. Everything matched. The lenses had to arrive from Georgia. About a week later, I went to pick up my glasses.

    The sides of the lenses were not smooth. They were rough and unfinished and the glasses were giving me a terrible headache.

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    I went to Lenscrafters to have them checked and to get a new estimate without the insurance. I was told that one lens had the axis off by a significant amount. Possibly the lenses were also not cut well or had other problems.

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    Both Eyeglass World places returned my money promptly, but I do not recommend this place to have vision glasses made. About two weeks later, I received a phone call from Eyeglass World on East Colonial Drive asking me how my glasses were doing. The person who called me had no idea that the glasses had been returned. I purchased two pair of glasses with anti-streak progressive lenses and I was concerned about the frames being too flimsy, so I asked the manager for more than a 30 days warranty. She wrote on a piece of paper, "1 year," but left out the lenses. I didn't worry about it because I never thought about lenses.

    Been wearing glasses for years and don't work outside, so it is normally years before lenses have any issues from unusual situations normally. And after one month the screw broke on a pair. Took them in and they fixed them. Then a few months in I realized I was having trouble seeing the computer screen in front of me.

    Went a month or two cleaning each morning with lens cloth and lens cleaner only use this product , have for years, and I just assumed I must keep smudging them. Finally in the last few weeks realized one pair has a permanent streak across one lens and the other is chewed up, like I have been cleaning with sandpaper. Couldn't have been better to clean it.

    Now I know why she excluded the lenses.

    Eyeglass World

    They are terrible. I am angry. Normally go to simple places -- Sears, Walmart, Sam's Club -- and the glasses are much less expensive and they stand behind their product, and never, ever had a lens issues even close to this. I can't wear either pair without a major vision issue, so have to take them off and look at computer screen fuzzy to see what is there correctly. Will continue to warn others.

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    Unbelievable and sad for there to be charlatans still selling products in the US in !!! Happy Thanksgiving Eyeglass World. I hope you can sleep well with such deception. Founded in in Duluth, GA, Eyeglass World has 70 locations nationwide to make in-store shopping convenient. In , it became a subsidiary of National Vision, Inc. Same day service: Most prescription glasses can be manufactured on site in a single day, including sunglasses.

    Designer eyewear: Two pair discounts: Never pay full price on the second pair at Eyeglass World. Even the second pair of designer glasses comes at a discount. Comprehensive contacts: In addition to hundreds of different glasses, Eyeglass World also carries a range of contacts designed to fit and correct virtually any eye. Insurance accepted: Not only does Eyeglass World accept vision insurance to pay for eye exams, they also apply benefits to the cost of glasses. Best for: Kids, Teens, Professionals and Contacts wearers.

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